Three Tips For Landscaping Around Your Septic Mound

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Three Tips For Landscaping Around Your Septic Mound

2 June 2016
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Your septic mound is a key part of your home's wastewater processing system, but that unslightly lump in the middle of your backyard can make landscaping difficult. Here are three tips for landscaping around your septic mound.

Cover the mound with flowers

Turning your septic mound into a stylish flower bed can help make it more attractive. However, planting flowers on top of a septic mound is a lot different than planting them in a regular flower bed. You need to choose flowers that are drought-resistant so that you don't need to water them since watering the soil can affect the function of the septic system. You also need to make sure that the flowers you choose have shallow roots that won't grow into the drain field.

Stonecrop is an ideal plant for a septic mound flower bed. Stonecrop is durable and drought-tolerant; plus, it has a variety of flower colors. When you're planting your stonecrop, make sure to disturb the soil as little as possible.

Wildflowers are another option for decorating your septic mound. There are many types of drought-tolerant wildflowers available. Choose wildflowers like butterfly weed, blazing star or wild bergamot.

Build a fence around the septic mound

If you don't like the idea of covering the mound with flowers, consider hiding it behind an attractive fence. Choose a fence that's tall enough to hide your septic mound, and make sure to include a gate so that your tank can be serviced easily. Be careful not to drive the fence posts into the tank, drain field or other key elements of the septic system, as this could cause serious damage to the system.

You can make this fence look even better by covering it with plants that grow on fences. Evergreen vines like English ivy or Boston ivy will keep your fence looking green and stylish all year long, while annual flowering vines like passion flowers or morning glories can brighten up your fence in the warmer months.

Add soil around the mound for camouflage

Another way to improve the appearance of your septic mound is to add soil around its sides. While the septic tank contractors left you with a raised, rectangular lump in your yard, it doesn't need to stay that shape; it's just important that it's raised. Add soil around the edges of the mound to give it a more natural, oval appearance. You can also make it look like a kidney bean.

Once you've made the mound look more natural, cover it with grass seed and watch it blend right into the rest of your yard.

Septic mounds don't have to ruin the look of your backyard. If you need help incorporating it into your landscaping, ask your septic tank contractor for septic-safe landscaping tips.

If you have issues with the septic tank itself, contact The Outhouse or a similar company.