Tips For Proper Use Of Roll Off Containers

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Tips For Proper Use Of Roll Off Containers

4 June 2016
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Whether you're looking to remodel your attic or you're building an addition, you're going to generate a lot of waste material. One of the best ways to keep it all contained and ensure that it's properly disposed of is to work with a dumpster delivery company to rent a roll-off dumpster for the duration of the project. If you've never rented a dumpster, though, you might not understand how to use it safely and properly. Improper dumping may lead to an off-balance and unstable dumpster, which can be hazardous. Here are some tips for proper dumpster use.

Note Where The Fill Line Is

Many people unfamiliar with the function of a roll-off dumpster inadvertently overfill the container. In most areas, the container cannot legally be transported if it is filled beyond the top rail line. If your dumpster has been filled beyond this line, the standard dumpster cover cannot be secured in place. As a result, the debris on the top of the pile may be caught by the wind and blown around. This can pose a safety hazard on the road. By keeping the debris below the top rail, it allows space to secure the cover before transport.

Know What Is Not Permitted

Most dumpster rental companies also have limitations on what you can put into the container. After all, they'll be taking the waste material to a transfer station or other area, and you'll have to abide by the limitations of that destination. To make sure that you're not disposing of anything that the dumpster rental company cannot accept, ask for a printed copy of their prohibited items list. In most cases, things like hazardous chemicals and certain types of electronics are not permitted. This means that you cannot throw half-empty paint cans in the dumpster without prior approval. You'll likely face additional financial penalties if you dispose of anything that isn't permitted.

Be Careful About How You Stack Waste

The way that a dumpster is filled can be equally as important as how much it is filled. If you dump all of the heavy waste on one end, it's going to make the container tippy. That will lead to instability. Make sure you distribute weight as evenly as possible to prevent this risk. You should also make sure you break down large furnishings and construction materials into small pieces, because it makes it easier to distribute the weight throughout the dumpster. It also allows you to stack things more compact, because there's less wasted space.

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