3 Tips For Making Your Guests Feel Comfortable With Using A Portable Toilet

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3 Tips For Making Your Guests Feel Comfortable With Using A Portable Toilet

18 July 2016
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When planning your wedding, you may choose a location that does not have any bathrooms located conveniently nearby. For this reason, you should consider portable toilet rentals. There are many toilet rental options that can ensure you are able to use higher end portable toilets that will make your guests feel more comfortable using them. Here are three other little-known tips to help your guests be more comfortable with the idea:

Include Hand Soap and Sanitizer: 

Almost all portable toilet rentals will come with a hand washing station for your guests to use. Although this is a sanitary way to wash one's hands after using the restroom, guests still may feel less than clean using a portable toilet since they probably aren't used to the idea. For this reason, include fancy soap for guests to use and hand sanitizer, as well. You can even put a beautiful glass jar in the bathrooms that are filled with portable hand sanitizers guests can keep for themselves. 

Include Flushable Wipes: Consider stocking up each portable toilet you rent with flushable wipes guests can use to clean the toilet seat. Sometimes, the seat may be left dirty or it may have something on it that guests definitely aren't comfortable sitting on. When guests are able to wipe down the seats with the wipes, it can definitely make them feel more comfortable. On top of this, they can use the wipes for other personal needs. 

Include Flowers: On top of having flowers on the tabletops at the reception, you should also include the same flowers in the portable bathrooms. This makes the bathrooms feel more personalized and it makes them a bit less dirty. Guests will definitely appreciate knowing that the bathrooms are also only being used by guests at the wedding and not by other passersby. On top of this, it will also give off the impression that the bathrooms have been inspected and approved by the bride, which is always important for any service provided at the wedding. 

In order to include these three things in the portable toilets you use for your wedding, you should consider renting extra large portable toilets or luxury style toilets. This way, you aren't overwhelming guests by cramming too much in their personal space. Don't forget to also rent enough toilets so that guests aren't all using the same couple of ones, which can lead to each portable toilet becoming dirty really quickly. 

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