Post-Homecoming/Prom Party Cleanup? A Few Helpful Hints To Make It Easier

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Post-Homecoming/Prom Party Cleanup? A Few Helpful Hints To Make It Easier

19 July 2016
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Any time high school students have a Prom or a Homecoming dance and party, there is always a mess to clean up. There is a mess in the school gym or venue where the dance was held, and a mess all over town where the kids toilet-papered the trees and chucked eggs. If you are responsible for the cleanup and the cleanup crew, here are a few helpful hints to make this huge endeavor easier.

Roll off Dumpster Rentals

These massive dumpsters lock securely onto the back of a truck. They can roll off the back of the truck and be deposited for stationary cleanup, such as the kind you would need at the dance venue/gym, or roll down the street as part of a dumpster truck for toilet paper removal. You could rent one for the venue cleanup, and two more for the toilet paper and egg mess about town. Three separate crews would be assigned to these dumpsters so that cleanup would go faster. When all of the eggs and toilet paper are removed, and the dance venue is cleared of crepe paper, balloons and other disposable decorations, the roll off dumpster rental company takes all of the trucks and dumpsters away and disposes of everything for you. 

Pressure Washer Rentals

"Egging," while a clear violation of vandalism laws, still occurs frequently any time teens want to celebrate a Prom or Homecoming. The problem is, eggs tend to dry quickly, and the sticky mess they leave behind does not come off easily. The crew(s) you have assigned to remove toilet paper and eggs from all over town will need a little help. That is where pressure washers come in handy, and you can rent these cheaply, too. Just be sure that the kids using these pressure washers know exactly how to use them.

Promise a Pizza Lunch for the Cleanup Crew

Since it is really difficult to get teenagers to volunteer for work detail, especially after big party nights like these, promise the volunteers a pizza lunch. Clean up as much of the mess as you can before noon, and then provide the entire crew with a break and their fave food. Make sure you provide drinks, too. It is an added expense to the cleanup budget, but without the enticement, you may not have a cleanup crew to complete these tasks in the first place. If the crew has to work past lunch, plan to sweeten the pot with some other award to get the job done.