Questions To Ask For Efficient Roll Off Dumpster Use

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Questions To Ask For Efficient Roll Off Dumpster Use

20 July 2016
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A roll off dumpster rental is a valuable addition to a home construction or renovation project. To make dumpsters feasible for your job, you may need to consider how to make each dumpster load as efficient as possible. While it's convenient to simply toss everything into the dumpster, taking steps to reduce what you throw away can help to bring down your final bill. Here are some questions to ask yourself to make sure you're using the dumpster efficiently. 

What Can You Sell?

Before you throw old furniture and metal goods into the dumpster, think about whether these items have any retail value. Old furniture is becoming popular with upholstery centers who can "upcycle" these items to clients. Certain metals, such as steel and aluminum, can be valuable to resell to a recycling center. And, as an added benefit, you'll fill your roll off dumpster less quickly if you leave these items out of the mix. 

Is it Compostable or Burnable?

You may also want to set aside items for compost or for burning. For instance, yard waste such as mulch and leaves can go directly into a recycling bin. Paper or wood products can be burned safely as long as you do this in a controlled fire pit and make sure that there are no flammable chemicals on them. 

Are You Using All of the Space? 

Finally, you can take full advantage of the space in your roll off dumpster rental by cutting the waste into smaller pieces. If you have awkwardly shaped waste going into the dumpster, it can take up a lot of extra space because other items can't get around it. Use a power saw to cut the items into neat pieces and stack them as you would a suitcase— you'll be surprised at how much extra waste you can fit in the bin. 

Each of these tactics can help you to keep your roll off dumpster from getting full too quickly. If you're hoping to use any of these methods and you have a construction crew to work with, you may want to speak with your construction supervisor ahead of time about your wishes. This will help them to educate the crew about recycling or composting goods from the start of the job so that the whole process goes smoothly. Make sure that your roll off dumpster, such as from Road Runner Waste Service Inc, and recycling or compost bins are clearly labeled and accessible to the crew to maximize your waste reduction efforts.